One of the fundamental concepts of chiropractic is that the body is not a group of unrelated, separate parts, but an interdependent, coordinated whole. When one part is affected, the entire body suffers. Disease occurs in parts of the body while dis-ease occurs in the entire body. Dis-ease is not a condition of the body, but a state of the body.

Dis-ease a chiropractic term for “not having ease.” The body lacks ease, health, coordination, adaptation, well-being, 100% quality, incoordination.

“Healing comes from inside, not outside. You are born with the power to heal because healing is an innate capacity of every person, as it is of every animal, plant and every created thing. The power to heal is your priority and birth right, ready to go to work whenever changing conditions create a demand for it.”
Andrew Weil, M.D.

“The molecular changes that accompany a disease are not the cause of the disease, but the result, the molecular changes are simply manifesting the disease.”
Virgil V. Strang, D.C., Ph.C.

“Symptoms are a warning or a message that something needs to be explored or changed in one’s life. And because illness is a message, if we treat only its physical manifestations, it can linger on or recur until the message is heeded”.
Dennis T. Jaffe, Ph.D.

“Remove the obstacle to healing.”
D. D. Palmer, D.C. Ph.C.

“Medicine is the study of disease and what causes a man to die. Chiropractic is the study of health and what causes a man to live.”
C.S. Gonstead, D.C.

“The nervous system is a wonderful system of integrated circuits… and the immune system is tied in with the nervous system, part of a biofeedback loop.”
Allan Goldstein, biochemist

“I am a chiropractor and I have been one for a long time and I don’t know if I have subluxations in my nervous system. So what do I do, at least once a week I go to my chiropractor to get my nervous system checked for the presence of subluxations, because subluxations have no symptoms. Don’t wait until you have a symptom of a disease. Symptoms are the last stage of disease and not the first.”

“Do you want to live to your life’s potential, want more energy, better coordination, better posture, improved digestion, end colic, ear infections, asthma you can get there when you are subluxation free.”
Carl Spinelli, D.C., D.A.A.P.M.