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Dr. Carl Spinelli

I will always have time for you, to listen, to explain, to offer hope.
Healing is a process and all processes take time. This office is famous for a combination of what I do on each visit and what you do between visits. The best results are achieved when I do my job and you do your job.

My Mission

To inspire and empower people to express the maximum potential of their innate intelligence, to live in wellness and to share their life with me.

My Purpose

To locate subluxations, release them and their causes so that you may live in wellness and express the maximum potential of your innate intelligence.

My Philosophy

The body is matter with intelligence. This intelligence is conducted through the nervous system in what is called “nerve force flow.” Interference, subluxation, with the transmission of this intelligence through the nerve system, interference to “nerve force flow” results in an alteration in cellular coordination and adaptation. This cellular in-coordination will allow the destructive forces of stress (physical, bio-chemical, mental-emotional) to create a state of cellular in-coordination, mal-adaptation and dis-ease.

And continued uncorrected will, over time, create disease. The chiropractic adjustment releases the interference, subluxation to “nerve force flow” allowing the nervous system and your body to function optimally.


What To Tell Others About Chiropractic

What to tell others when they ask why you see Dr. Spinelli or about chiropractic in general.

  • Dr. Spinelli helps me GET healthy, STAY healthy and have the best life possible.
  • My nervous system controls and coordinates the function of every cell, tissue, organ and gland in my body.
  • When my nervous system functions without interference my body is self-healing, self communicating and self-regulating.
  • Subluxation inhibits my body’s ability to self-heal, self-communicate and self-regulate.
  • Subluxations are health problems and not back problems
  • Dr. Spinelli locates, releases and corrects subluxations.