Paraspinal Thermographic Scan


Paraspinal Thermography is a precise analysis of the body’s surface temperature along the spine. Differences in temperature between opposite sides of the spine are compared to established normal values in the same way blood tests are.

The significance of these temperature differences may indicate the presence of abnormal nervous system function and provides critical information that is vital to your chiropractic care.

Some areas of temperature difference may be warm indicating acute soft tissue damage, joint inflammation or disc protrusion while other areas may be cold indicating long term chronic issues.

Why do I use Paraspinal Thermography?

Because Paraspinal Thermography can detect subluxation before symptoms appear and the results provide important information about the health of your nervous system, the health of your body and helps determine your optimal chiropractic health care plan.

Paraspinal Thermography can be performed on patients ranging from infants to adults.

Photo below shows an abnormal and normal Paraspinal Thermography Scan

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