The Fundamentals of Objective Straight Chiropractic

1. Innate Intelligence. Many groups, sects, health fields and even non-straight chiropractors accept the concept of an inborn wisdom which runs and heals the body. But acknowledging it and making it a fundamental tenant of the philosophy and practice are entirely different. The practice of straight chiropractic is based upon recognizing that the innate intelligence of the body does it all and we do nothing in comparison. We merely remove an obstacle to its expression. We do not replace it, usurp it, help it, add to it, improve upon it or in any way change it or its expression. We only try to remove one major interference to its perfect expression within the human organism. We recognize that to do anything else presupposes a knowledge equal to or better than the body’s inborn intelligence. Recognition of an innate intelligence in practice necessitates an ADIO world and viewpoint, a recognition that life is avitalistic phenomena and that there exists a Power greater than and apart from us that runs this universe.

2. Vertebral Subluxation. In recent years the acknowledgment of the subluxation and its importance has been emphasized. Unfortunately, it has been employed to the exclusion of other tenets. “Vertebral Subluxation based” has been a rallying cry of some of the profession. But in essence it means nothing. It is a non-descriptive term. For subluxation can be corrected for a multitude of reasons – some chiropractic, some therapeutic. The straight chiropractic correction of Vertebral subluxation always has attached to it our unique objection, allowing the innate intelligence of the body to be more fully expressed over the nerve system – nothing more , nothing less. Learn more about subluxation by clicking here.

3. Non – Diagnostic. If chiropractic is correcting vertebral subluxations to allow the innate intelligence of the body to be expressed more fully, then the presence or absence of disease in not an issue. If disease, its treatment or its cause, does not enter into the straight chiropractic objective then diagnosis is not an issue. As long as the patient understands the chiropractic objective, there can be not danger in a non-diagnostic approach.

4. Non-duplicative. Straight chiropractic is not an alternative to or substitute for medical care or any therapeutic procedure. The chiropractic objective is unique. Not only does it not duplicate other services but there is no one else who performs the straight chiropractic service.

The above four principles are the basis for the practice of objective straight chiropractic. They are all equally important. You cannot choose only a few of them. You must accept them all. If one understands them, then procedures, technique and concepts can be evaluated according to them and it can be determined whether their procedures are straight chiropractic or not.

(Vol. XII, No 4) The Pivot Review by Joseph Strauss, D.C.




Position Paper on Straight Chiropractic

The term straight chiropractic was first used by D.D. Palmer in an attempt to differentiate the variety of practice styles observed even in the early days of the chiropractic profession.

Today, “straight” refers to chiropractors who do not “mix” the objective of chiropractic (i.e., the location, analysis and correction of vertebral subluxation) with that of medicine (i.e., the diagnosis and treatment of disease).

The term straight chiropractic refers to a practice that consists of the location, analysis and correction of vertebral subluxations. Straight chiropractors correct vertebral subluxations because subluxations interfere with the fullest expression of life by reducing the ability of the innate intelligence to coordinate function through the nerve system. The objective of care is to correct vertebral subluxations thereby allowing for normal coordinated function through the nerve system.

The International Federation of Chiropractors and Organizations (IFCO) is an international organization of chiropractors, students and others who support the practice of chiropractic for the purpose of correcting vertebral subluxations because subluxations, in and of themselves, are a detriment to the fullest expression of life in all people at all times. In summary, IFCO’s position on straight chiropractic is: Correcting Vertebral Subluxations: Nothing More – Nothing Less – Nothing Else.

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